Thursday, December 15, 2005


Topinka taps DuPage County state's attorney as running mate

Joe Birkett is a friend-of-the blog. Go Joe!!!

From ABC 7 Chicago:

They are the new Republican party ticket in the race for governor. Republicans are hoping they are the dream team to defeat incumbent Rod Blagojevich next year.

Judy Baar Topinka made it official Thursday. She introduced DuPage County state's attorney Joe Birkett as her running mate, saying he will be the new sheriff in town.
Judy Baar Topinka is a popular and well-known state treasurer, with budget expertise running for governor. Joe Birkett is a veteran state's attorney, who prosecutes political corruption, running for lieutenant governor, and that, in the eyes of some Republicans, makes them a "dream team," even though they disagree on social issues like abortion.

What a great decision! This will set a solid team to take out Blago. Sorry to see Rauschy lose his seat but I think he is starting to make desperate decisions.
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